{music & inventions}

I just wanna say, thank you so much you guys at the street show that really got behind this. This is some of whats happening over the next year:

T-shirts are coming next week. 

Buy, whoops..by the end of October we'll have "The Big Machine" prototype number 2. The machine I'm playing on right now is the equivalent of performing with the worlds worst guitar. The new prototype will work as I imagined it 8 years ago with beaters that emulate the essential movements of a drummers hand, wrist, and grip. It is very difficult to create "groove" with the machine I work with now. About the only thing it's really 'alright' for is metal beats... In my opinion it sounds terrible all around and difficult to play. The new machine will be capable of beautiful tone, nuanced drum grooves, even drum rolls. 

November and December I'll spend time building a handful of new multi-instrument apparatus. I'm building whats called 'the ultimate guitar'. It's similar to what I play now but more..... 'ultimate'. There will be new one man band suits, acoustic, and electronic. And a new direction for me I'm calling the 'rotator series' incorporating strings and glass; use your imagination. 

January we'll finally be finished raising money and I can focus on practicing, recording my first legit album, and putting together the big show for next summer. The process in the studio will be interesting. The drum parts on the album will be recorded LIVE with the big machine!! If people listen to this album and love the drums I feel like it will to some extent legitimize the big machine as a serious alternative or more so 'addition' to traditional drumming. In the future I hope to see percussionists doing everything they do so beautifully with their hands with an enhanced pedalboard beneath their feet.

Several other things in the mix, a lot of other things really,  but these are some highlights.